The Handkerchief

The Handkerchief adds the finishing touch to a stylish suit. But so many men are not quite sure how to wear one. You have so many options when it comes to the handkerchief and here we will show you a couple of our favourite ways to wear it.

The 3 Point Fold

1.Pinch the handkerchief in the centre.

2.Put the tip inside the pocket with 3 corners facing up.

3.Adjust handkerchief so it has no more then 2 inches showing.

The Square Fold

1.Fold handkerchief in half

2.Then fold again and show no more then 1 inch of handkerchief.

The Puff Fold

1.Lay handkerchief out flat.

2.Pinch the middle.

3.Put the corners in the pocket.

4. Spread out the tip of the handkerchief, no more then 2 inches showing.

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